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Project Description

SNSpirit is a sns-client application which supports multiple sns service providers on multiple platforms.


We are working hard at building extensible application framework which also easy to migrate among different platforms (WPF, wp Silverlight, Win8 Metro app etc..)

As we developers all are studying or has been studying in ZheJiang University @ China, we intend to build a main branch called "CC98 Live" which is specially designed to our BBS cc98 based on snspirt application framework.

This projects contains the following parts at present:

  1. CompositionPlugin & Extension, a new plugin framework based on MEF which provides SystemRuntime/ModuleRuntime and a couple of services for easily building modularized application
  2. Snowdreamist lib, some nice encapulated classes which comes from my daily work.
  3. Metro UI, The WPF Metro UI is based on project Elysium
  4. Domain Service, the core domain entities & services here
  5. Application Core & Application Infrastructure
  6. Application UI lib
  7. Some necessary tests
  8. Debug lib, runtime debug & test components
  9. WPF shell by default

This project is based on architecture: the onion architecture

Branch: CC98 Live

This main branch includes the core application framework and CC98 Plugin. ( Window Live plugin etc. will be added after this major release )

We're working hard on this main branch, M1 has been released (not for public), and M2 (alpha) will be released in May and M3(beta) will be release in July.

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